Proven Experience

Over the last 80 years, ͼ companies have been involved in some of the largest and most complex infrastructure construction projects across the country. Our experience has given us a deep and comprehensive understanding of the markets we serve, as well as the ability to effectively manage people, projects and equipment. It allows us to proactively identify challenges, avoid pitfalls and overcome obstacles, including those associated with complex compliance, safety and environmental concerns. Experience is the means by which we accurately set and then meet expectations for quality, schedule and budget, and the reason our clients have the confidence to hire us again and again.

Extensive Resources

ͼ has the resources necessary for consistently and safely delivering quality work - on time and on budget - for even the most complicated jobs. With offices across the country, a workforce of nearly 10,000 skilled and reliable professionals and an extensive wholly owned fleet of specialized construction equipment, we have the geographic reach, scalability and overall financial stability to meet all of our customers changing needs on a daily basis. 

A Focus on Innovation

Our company was built by entrepreneurs – people who continually seek out a better way of doing business. This focus on innovation colors everything we do, and as we’ve grown, we’ve fostered it throughout every level of our organization. We’re always looking for ways to increase efficiency within the projects we take on, as well as within our own organization. We work to stay at the forefront of safety and environmentally responsible construction, and to increase the application of these concepts throughout each and every client project. We strive to find better solutions to the world's needs, as well as safer, more socially conscious ways to meet them both today and in the future.

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Communication technology is constantly evolving, and ͼ is not only keeping pace with that evolution, we're driving it.

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Energy Transition Solutions

ͼ provides construction and program construction management and EPC services for the full range of energy transition projects including renewable fuels, carbon capture, hydrogen, and other emerging technologies.

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Introducing ͼ EVi - Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions for residential, dealerships, and fleet hubs.

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Oil & Gas

ͼ constructs a full range of oil & natural gas pipelines and transmission systems, from the wellhead to the end user.

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Power Generation

ͼ is one of the nation's top power plant and renewable energy construction companies, specializing in building and engineering of natural gas power plants, alternative fuel power plants, wind farms and solar energy facilities.

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Power Delivery

From the electric power plant, to the substations and to your business and home, ͼ consistently delivers successful electrical transmission and distribution services.

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Heavy Civil and Industrial

ͼ provides turnkey solutions for a variety complex civil and industrial construction projects or specialized foundation construction.

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Technology Deployment

ͼ Advanced Technologies is the leader in last mile fulfillment services for the deployment and installation of technology and IoT devices.

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Water & Sewer

ͼ provides turnkey solutions for water & sewer, and distribution transmission systems, including treatment plants and facilities.

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Our Process

Design. Build. Install. Maintain.

As a leading infrastructure construction company for communication and power companies, utilities, and governments throughout the United States, we design, build, install, and maintain infrastructures – the backbone of our nation's economy. With these four principles, we have served our customers by keeping pace with the deployment and maintenance of new technologies. We perform a wide variety of complete EPC capabilities and balance of plant services geared to our customer's individual specifications. ͼ's philosophy has enabled our team to find better solutions to the world's needs, as well as safer, more socially conscious ways to meet them both today and in the future.


For over 80 years, our experience has taught us that planning is the foundation of every project. This is why ͼ begins each phase of development with design. Before we plunge the first shovel into the earth, we ask questions, do our homework, and develop an in-depth design for the systems we will build and install. Our architects and engineers work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to first understand their needs and then develop a blueprint to complete plans. From conception to completion, we are actively involved in helping our clients negotiate or obtain right-of-ways, navigate zoning issues, process permitting, and arrange for ownership or leasing. We handle documentation, material procurement, and scheduling, and if necessary, we’ll even lobby local governments and municipalities for support.


We build renewable-power options, power-delivery systems, cable, satellite-television networks, fiber-optic highways, natural-gas systems, and data networks with one of the world's largest fleets of bucket trucks, backhoes, trenchers, and heavy equipment. ͼ's capabilities exceed those of our competition and ensure that we can build anytime and anywhere. Our team of experienced professionals develop schedules, procure materials, and obtain all of the required permits and certifications during our initial planning process. When we begin building, our crews work tirelessly, efficiently, and safely. We complete projects seamlessly because we understand that the best way to build your infrastructure networks and systems is to do it as a team.


From new-residential developments to century-old neighborhoods, across rolling plains, and beneath busy city streets, we have installed communications networks and energy systems throughout North America. ͼ has thousands of technicians in the field every day working across the country directly with customers and providing "in-home" services. Whether we're connecting set-top cable or satellite boxes in homes, installing add-drop multiplexers, wavelength-division multiplexers, or light-guide interconnects, we manage the hardware, software, and technologies that are key to our customers' successful infrastructure. Our training, quality focus, and commitment to safety and excellence ensures that we do all we can to fulfill our clients' needs, on time and on budget.


With ͼ's infrastructure systems spanning counties, states, and time zones, it's inevitable that problems arise from time to time. Throughout these times, we maintain a strict focus on rapid, cost-effective restoration of service. Our responsibility to you does not end after building and installation are completed. We offer 24 hour support 365 days a year and never take days off. Our emergency crews are standing by to repair problems with the proper tools ready at hand. Before ice storms cut across our customers' territory or hurricanes sweep through their region, our restoration crews are on alert, ready to roll at a moment's notice. ͼ strives to be on location as quickly as possible to restore service, as well as your customers' confidence in your company.

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